Tuesday, March 6

Sunday Afternoon Movie

When I married Mark, I not only agreed to spend the rest of my life with my best friend but I also gained a very impressive DVD collection in the process! Mark loves movies and anything to do with them and all genres too (except horror!).

With the inevitable multiple moves across the world we found a way to transport our collection without all the boxes ... they would be way too bulky! We also bought a multi-region DVD player ... which isn't all that expensive and I totally recommend it if you're on the move like us ... as unfortunately DVD's bought in some countries don't work on players from others and our collection includes discs from all over as we're both quite well travelled. (It does mean that you can't always loan them to friends as they won't be able to play them all though.)

This time last year, when I was 8 months pregnant with Naomi, Abigail started to get night terrors and subsequently 'gave-up' day time naps then too. While the night time sleeping readjusted over the following four months, sadly the day time sleeps never returned. Over the last few weeks a new family tradition has started to emerge on a Sunday afternoon. After church and lunch, at the point where we just want to snooze but can't because certain little munchkins are wide awake and raring to go, we have been curling up on the sofa all together and watching a movie.

It's been a really fun chilled out time together. We lay out a selection of 4 or 5 kiddy friendly movies from which Abigail chooses and then relax, watch, snuggle, read the paper ... this weekend I even fell asleep for a little while on the sofa. Naomi toddles around playing a bit and then coming back for more cuddles from time to time. Whether it be Tangled, Over the Hedge, The Great Muppet Caper, Flushed Away, all four of us have enjoyed the 'down-time' watching movies together on a Sunday afternoon. And it's something we will be able to continue doing wherever we go next too!

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