Tuesday, March 27

Order vs Chaos

Packing has to be one of both mine and Mark's least favourite things to do ... ever! Ironic that we've chosen a path for our lives which includes a constant round of packing and unpacking. Whether it be moving across the world or going home to update supporters and see family, we seem to be inevitably putting things into piles, boxes and cases and taking them out again!

Last week was no exception. Mark is on rapid response for the second time in 2012. This time is a bit different though as me and the girls have been able to tag along as well! We drove to Florida, over three days at the end of last week (there will be more about that in our family blog sometime soon!) but road trips and a family of four equals a lot of packing. Thankfully everything fitted and we had two angel daughters who slept a lot of the way down here!

When we take big trips, I like things to be 'just so' and organized way ahead of time, to reduce stress levels and racing around like idiots late the night before we travel. Mark on the other hand is a last minute, chuck it all together kind of guy! When you throw two little people into the mix as well, it can be an interesting experience! We are learning with each trip and move that we make, how to refine the process so it suits both of us and each time it seems to be better than the last ... but we still have a long way to go!

On the flip side Mark has the patience to pack lots of things snuggly into small spaces which means we can fit more in ... Not that we need it! So we both have our own strengths that we fit together. Our van was completely jam packed last week with stuff which has now been successfully unpacked in our home away from home here in Florida! Already I can see that the three girlies in the house have way too many clothes with them but most of the other bits and pieces are about right.

The positive part about our next pack is that we just have to collect all our stuff up again before heading home, instead of having to go through and decide whether or not we would need each item. The return trips are always easier but I'm not sure we'll ever be fans of the whole packing process!

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