Friday, January 20

Going Solo

This morning before the clock struck 6, in other words TOO early, I said goodbye to Mark.

He is taking part in a rapid response trip to Papua New Guinea, (four flights and 48 hours journey away) with Jim (left) and Andy (centre) below. They are going to help JAARS repair the undercarriage of a King Air which got damaged during a bad landing.

We knew this was part of the MMS training ... taking part in at least one rapid response trip somewhere in the world and was definitely one of the sacrifices we knew we'd have to make, even if it wasn't something would choose to do. As you may remember back in December I wrote about My Gentle Giant and how since we first met in September 2005, we've only ever spent a week apart. It will be weird not having my best friend at my side in the day-to-day stuff for a little while.

It's going to be a huge learning curve for all of us ... for Mark being away and for us still functioning with a huge gaping hole that he would normally fill. We know that for some families this is the 'norm' but it's not usually for us. I'm just really proud that he has the skills in which to be useful in this situation and that he's using them to help out.

I'm sure there will be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster along the way ... but right now I'm focusing of having fun with the girlies (and my sister who arrives to keep us company on Monday!) and counting down the days til February 12th, when Mark should be safely home with us again having been a blessing in Papua New Guinea!

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