Saturday, January 14

An Ode to Coke

There is a running battle in our house ... Coke or Diet Coke!! 

I am a full-fat girl but my hubby goes for the 'yucky' stuff. A fact that has confused many a waiter and waitress as they automatically assume the girls drink the diet one ... leaving us giggling, doing a quick swap or gagging if we haven't realised. We're very protective over our favoured choice!

I haven't always been so loyal to the 'real thing'. When I worked in Tanzania back in 1999, I was a Diet Coke drinker and very disappointed when I found that Coke of the diet variety was unknown where I lived. When I left in 2001, it was finally available (at a price) ... but by then I was a convert and have never looked back. When something is perfect, why tweak it in any way at all! 

I used to have a habit of drinking the equivalent of four cans a day ... but a few years back I cut it down to just one! If I'm in a restaurant and on ordering am told 'We only hold Pepsi products, is that OK' ... I'm the awkward customer who says no changes her order. Why waste my one drink allowance on anything but the best!

It will be interesting to see what preference the girls will choose but as Abigail still only drinks water (her choice!) and Naomi, milk ... only time will tell! As you can see I'm beginning the brain washing in my favour early!!

Over the last few years I've learned some interesting Coke trivia. 
  • Coca-Cola's advertising helped shaped the modern day image of Father Christmas in 1931 according to Coke Lore
  • The first ever coupon was thanks to Coca-Cola
  • A truck transporting Coke weighs several tons more than one of Diet Coke ... I don't have a link to that or an exact figure ... but apparently it's true and it's all to do with the weight of the sugar!
All those Christmas images and money-saving coupons we use today (and in America coupons are used A LOT ... and have regularly saved us quite a bit!!!) are thanks to what I have renamed the Elixir of Life!! 

Some may view Coke as an international corporation working on world domination ... which they are!! I have no problem with that, as long as I get my one a day fix!!

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