Wednesday, February 27


Everyone has their little idiosyncrasy's ... and so do I! Does that make me normal? I think not!

I've always found it amusing when I hear of people who are scared of clowns. I can understand those people who have nightmares about creepy crawlies. I have always been a bit of a dare devil, so heights haven't bothered me ... I've been known to jump out of plane on more than one occasion. But most people seem to have something that pushes their buttons.

On our compound here in Dodoma, there is a great communal area where we can hang out and the girls can play, complete with wendy house, swings, sandpit and soon to be slide and trampoline (when our container arrives). The girls have really enjoyed this space lots already and I foresee much more laughter and fun out there over the weeks and months to come.

So, what is on our compound that makes me look like a total weirdo for not liking it?! The photo gives it away? ... the sandpit!

Ever since I was little girl I've a 'thing' about sand and I have no idea where it comes from! When I was small, my mum could put me on a towel at the beach, go for a quick dip in the sea and know that I wouldn't go anywhere that involved leaving the perimeter of my safe haven onto the granules of sand!

Even now, if I had the choice I wouldn't spend too much time anywhere near it. It just gets stuck all over you and into everything and is ... yucky!! 

Don't get me wrong, I still like going to the beach but am extra careful about the whole 'sand' thing! On my honeymoon, me and my new hubby went to a gorgeous desserted island in the Maldives. We spent very little time on the beach itself, either in the water or on the decking of our watervilla ... it was still a little piece of heaven for me!

Getting excited about playing in the sand though is never going to be an expression that will be used to describe me. I even hate having to clean off the munchkins after they've been having fun in it ... but because I'm such a lovely mummy I will continue to do it, even if it's just so they don't follow in my footsteps and become a sand weirdo! 

So far, so good, they're having a whale of a time! And now you know one of my weaknesses too!

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  1. Talcum powder! Essential 'sandequipment' pop it on and the sand just brushes off! I also HATE sand but the kids love it! The talc discovery has been my saving grace! Xx