Friday, March 1

Simple Things

To parents of little people, there is nothing more wonderful than watching your children sleeping peacefully. I appreciate that as they get older waking up is more of an issue than putting them to sleep!

When Abigail was little I would often find myself just watching her sleeping, taking in every last piece of her while she was enjoying her slumber. With Naomi, there has probably been more of a look of wonderment on my face that she is actually asleep! She didn't take to the whole sleep thing as well as her sister.

There is definitely something special about watching them sleep though. For me, when they were newborn, it was amazement that I could have such a perfect little bundle in my care ... and okay, I'll admit it, occasionally to check they were breathing! As they have grown up, I can't help but marvel at how each of them are changing and becoming their own little person.

My munchkins so rarely stay in one place for very long and can be quite noisy. Asleep they are serene, peaceful ... and quiet!! I cherish those moments, to take in everything about them as I know in the blink of an eye they will be grown up and gone!

As Naomi has been such a terrible sleeper and our last home had VERY creaky floorboards, once she was asleep, I would never ever risk going back in their bedroom to just watch them! However much I wanted to, it just wasn't worth it!

There is one definite bonus of living here in Dodoma. The floors are concrete. Very practical for keeping cool ... But they also pass the creak-free test too! In the last two weeks, I have taken great delight in being able to have a minute or two in their bedroom, checking they are OK and watching them sleep peacefully! (Albeit through a mosquito net!)

It's the simple things of Dodoma life, like our concrete floor, that I'm starting to appreciate in a whole different way than I expected to!

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