Wednesday, February 13

Getting Creative

Right now we're in the middle of packing up once again ... this time from the UK, so not a whole house and our entire lives but an awful lot of stuff nonetheless. Some of it we brought with us from the States and lots of it we have bought since we arrived in England.

We still have three more sleeps til we fly but already we have packed five cases and it hasn't been too stressful at all ... yet!! Packing does require a little creative thinking at times, balancing out the belongings, getting the weights right ... and of course getting as much in as possible!

A lot of the stuff we are taking is practical, some electronic stuff that we couldn't get in the States, toys and lots of books for the girls, toiletries that will be hard to come by, clothes and a whole load of other things! One thing that we have included is some 'fun' stuff for the adults as well.

I love my crafty stuff and have grown my collection in the States, as well as my skills. Now I have paper-craft bits and lots of material for quilting too! You may remember I posted a photo of some material some time ago (Friday Night Fling) ... for those of you who were interested, I completed my second quilt in November and was able to give it to my mum for Christmas.

In order to be effective in what we'll be doing through our commitment to MAF  in Tanzania, we will need to have some quality down-time while we're there too. While a lot of things won't be as easily accessible living there we've made sure that amongst all the necessary things we've included in both our shipping and our packing, there are some 'unnecessary' bits too!

I'm just hoping it all gets there in one piece. We had news today that our container is due to arrive in Tanzania a few days after us which is great. Definitely reassuring as I spotted an identical container driving on one of the main roads here in the UK yesterday ... that would be one mighty detour! Not sure how quickly after it arrives that we will get to see our things but I just hope that my crafty stuff comes through all the checks OK, so I can start on a new project once we get settled!


  1. Good to see unnecessary items as well! Love the picture of the quilt Jenny - beautiful. Wishing you all a safe and healthy travel to Dodoma and that all your goods and chattels arrive in one piece. Janet.

    1. The Missionary Mum14 February 2013 at 22:50

      Thanks Janet ... I love that quilt too!! Can't believe it's only 2 more sleeps now til we fly ... we'll be in touch when we get there!