Friday, February 15

Something Was Missing!

One of my favourite things about our MAF training at Ashburnham Place (Week 1 in 2008), apart from all the important information and lovely people we met of course ... was the Bakewell Tart!!! 

So, four and a half years later I was really looking forward to having that with one of our meals again! Imagine my surprise ... and sadly, my disappointment ... when I found that when we there for Week 2, it wasn't scheduled to be on the menu! Something was definitely missing!

I thought I'd be a bit cheeky though and see if they might let their little secret out of the bag, so that perhaps I would have the chance to recreate their yumminess for myself sometime. My cheekiness paid off. When we left at the end of the week, I had the recipe in my mitts!!!

Yesterday lunchtime we had a small family get together, with only a few days to go until we fly ... and to my surprise, my mother-in-law had taken the recipe and made it for us for dessert (along with some other yummy stuff!). It was as delicious as I remembered it to be and what made me even happier was knowing that I will be able to make it for my family again too!

Here is the recipe (in a slightly different format from usual, it assumes knowledge of making pastry and frangipane!) ... it is for 4x domestic recipe ... so you will need to adjust the measurements!! Ordinarily I would do it for you but things are a little hectic right now as I'm sure you will appreciate! I promise it will be worth doing the maths for though, if you do attempt it!

Sweet Pastry
- 2lbs flour
- 1.5lbs butter
- 3/4lb caster sugar
- 2 eggs

Strawberry Jam

- 1lb margarine
- 1lb sugar
- 8 eggs
- 0.5lb self-raising flour
- 0.5lb ground almonds
- Almond essence
  1. Make pastry and line tins
  2. Bake blind for 15 mins at 150 (300 F/GM 2)
  3. Cover bottom of pastry case with jam
  4. Make sponge (frangipane)
  5. Pour sponge over jam
  6. Bake for 30-35 minutes at 150 (300 F/GM 2) until sponge is cooked
  7. Cool
  8. Choose from one of the following ... 
    • Mix some icing sugar with water and almond essence to make icing
    • Mix some icing sugar with water and cocoa powder to make icing
    • Alternatively dust with icing sugar
  9. Ice tart and leave to set


  1. That Bakewell Tart from 2008 FnF at Ashburnham Place was absolutely amazing. Way to persevere with acquiring the recipe! The photo above is another reason to wish we weren't an ocean away from you guys. Would you like some heavy cream with that?

    1. The Missionary Mum16 February 2013 at 01:13

      Thought you'd like the recipe Keith! ;o)

  2. Way to go Jenny! Yum!!! Such good memories of that time at Ashburnham Place. Thanks for getting and sharing the recipe!

    1. The Missionary Mum2 March 2013 at 20:00

      I had you guys in mind when I got the recipe! ;o) Mark's mum made it twice in our last week in the UK ... once with icing and once dusted with icing sugar ... both times delicious! ;o)