Monday, February 18

Turn Back The Clock

Today is our first full day of life in Dodoma ... something we've been working towards for a long time now. I can't wait for us to get settled properly here as family, as it has held so many happy memories for me from when I was here before (1999-2001).

While we were in the UK, someone gave me a copy of my first newsletter that they had kept from last time I lived out here in Tanzania ... October 1999. So while everything is a bit hectic and I might not get a chance to write a new post in the first couple of days here, I thought I'd turn back the clock and share some of my news from back then when I was a 22 year old, singleton! ...

'I am really enjoying life in Tanzania. My house if bigger that I expected with nearly always running water and a toilet which flushes (a luxury out here, believe me!). It already feels very much like home, now that I've added all my personal touches, including about 70+ photos all over the walls!

Dodoma is a town is quite basic, despite being the political capital of Tanzania. In fact, the president and prime minister of Tanzania live on the same road as I do when they are in town for government meetings, and the president of Zanzibar along with the two bishops live here all year round! Not that I've really seen any of them and they live right at the other end of the road as well, the nice end!

Basic foodstuffs and fruit and veg are all extremely cheap out here which makes living on a volunteer's salary a lot more manageable than I'd expected. There are a couple of shops in town which sell a lot of home comforts too, although at a price! So lots of things I took for granted back at home are becoming real treats out here!

The children at the school are adorable - even the naughty ones and I'm really enjoying teaching. I take nearly all of the classes for something at some stage during the week and the variety of subjects is something I probably wouldn't have believed if I'd known 4 months ago! - French, English, maths, swimming, music, sport, reading, language, computers ... and when I'm not doing those, I'm doing admin in the office or driving into town with Warren (the Principal) to the bank or something - so I can definitely say I don't have time to get bored!!

Out of school I've chosen to get involved in the youth club for the secondary school kids (which hasn't started yet!) and also an after-school club for some of the primary school children, which so far has been a great success! Both are really important as there is nothing really for young people to do in Dodoma and also both clubs are run from a Christian angle but for kids of all religions, so it's a real opportunity to share Jesus with them.

God has been absolutely amazing too and I really have felt he's been with me every step of the way, giving me his peace.'

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  1. Good to hear that all arrived safe and sound - luggage as well??! Hope your little angels settle well and you start to get a good pattern of sleep at night from them. Looking forward to skyping with you in about a month's time?? Lots of love from North Dorset Jen and Mark, Abigail and Naomi. Janetx