Monday, July 9

A Wiggle and a Giggle

Music can put a smile on your face or totally change the mood of a situation (just think about the musical scores in movies!). It can be so powerful. Recently we've been transferring a lot of our CD's onto Itunes and our Ipods ... so that we have less bulk to transport when we move at the end of the year but can still take it all with us.

When I was little, I remember my mum singing 'By the rivers of Babylon' while cutting my nails as it took my mind off what was going on. Abigail went through a stage of wanting us to sing 'Somewhere over the rainbow' while she was brushing her teeth and would keep brushing til we got to the end ... a task Mark didn't relish too much!!

Just recently Naomi has decided there are a few mundane tasks that sometimes she would rather kick up a stink about than be compliant; including having her face wiped after a meal or having her nappy changed. It seems that if we launch into an enthusiastic rendition of 'The wheels on the bus', she gets carried away doing the actions and forgets to be upset. Abigail is very helpful with this and often starts us off as she doesn't like to see her little sister sad!

Already we can see that Naomi seems to enjoy music and dancing much more than Abigail did when she was this little. It's lovely to see her own unique character coming through and is hilarious! Any excuse for a wiggle and a giggle and she's there, as you can see from the photo below on the little slide in our paddling pool ... mid-wiggle!

Whether it's on the tv, music we're playing or just singing and being silly with, Naomi doesn't often pass up the opportunity to join in! Of course Abigail does as well now ... but it has appeared to be slightly more ingrained into Naomi from the get-go and puts a big smile, not only on her face but on ours too!

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