Monday, July 16


Is the music to 'Old MacDonald' going through your head already?!! It's definitely a favourite in our house!! In fact, 'Old MacDonald had a Zoo' would be a more appropriate name for the song when we sing it ... as he happens to have elephants, monkeys, snakes and many other animals, in our version in addition to the original farmyard ones and it goes on forever! Probably quite fitting given where we'll be living next. (See Mark below when worked with MAF in Kenya for a month in the summer of 2006)

On the way home from church on a Sunday we inevitably have to pick up a little something from the store which is right opposite our church. In order for it not to take any longer than it needs to by all trooping in, Mark usually runs in and muggins here gets left amusing the munchkins. Currently a multi-verse rendition of Old MacDonald can get us through quite happily!

Naomi has even started joining in with certain animal noises too and while a dog makes more of a 'Ooof' than a 'Woof' right now and a cow is an 'Mmmmm' without the 'Ooooo' ... the sheep does say 'Baa' and an elephant noise comes with the hand motion of a would-be trunk. So we've started out well!

Now we're learning the animal sounds again, I'm back to the old dilemma I was in first time round with Abigail ... and thought I'd got away with!! Just what does a giraffe say, or a zebra, or even a bunny rabbit say? Some sounds are really obvious but I continue to draw a blank with others. While it really isn't the world's biggest problem that needs solving, sometimes in the life of a toddler it really is the only important thing that needs answering. I have on occasion been met with a very disgruntled looking face when the realisation sets in (already!!!) that Mummy really doesn't have all the answers!

If anyone could enlighten me so I don't disappoint my second daughter as well, I would greatly appreciate it! The joys of being a mummy!

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