Tuesday, July 24


What is perfection? When it come to a a crafty project everyone's idea of perfect is slightly different depending on their artistic preferences. 

I love making cards, scrap-booking and other paper crafts. As with reading books and my more newly acquired craft skills, quilting and knitting, the amount of time I am allowed by the munchkins to actually do them while they are so young is minimal ... but that will change! I do like things to be 'perfect' tough and can spend ages over the smallest details so that they are just right.

I've been trying to pass on the craftiness to the girls and so far with Abigail she has been lapping it up. She loves having time to do some kind of crafty project, whether it be colouring, cutting, stickers or anything else remotely related. 

This summer we've been working on her first proper scrap-booking project with a kit we bought while we were at Disney just Easter. It was a day we will always remember as a family and something she absolutely loved ... and has been reliving over and over again as she goes through the photos and puts them in her special album. We only do a page or two each week, so it's going to take a while!

Here's the thing ... I love when things are 'just right'. If new stickers come, I want to use them for special projects, Abigail on the other hand just likes to use them. If there are kits to use I want to place matching bits together, Abigail just likes to put any bits together! 

There is totally nothing wrong with that, I just love that she really enjoys herself. I have to admit though, I do have to consciously make the decision not to be bothered and let her do her own thing without butting in and suggesting otherwise. Biting my tongue hasn't always been easy (and doesn't seem to get any easier with practice either!!) but on the other hand, I have yet to be disappointed by one of her creations and they really are hers and for that reason they are perfection, to Abigail ... and to me too!

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