Saturday, July 21

No Fear

What's the usual reaction to fluffy bunnies, tiny little kittens and puppies, baby chicks? Aaahhhhh cute? Soooo gorgeous? Not for Abigail ... she wants to run in opposite direction screaming!!

Just before her first birthday an over-enthusiastic dog decided to lick her feet lots and ever since she's been really scared of dogs in general. Although there have been some gentle giants we've been able to coax her to stroke, albeit extremely timidly. When we go to petting farms and zoos, Abigail steers clear of all the cute, fluffy things that most little people her age gravitate towards. She enjoys watching them from a safe distance away but that's it!

The irony is, any chance she has to ride a pony or a HUGE working horse, she is inevitably at the front of the queue ready to jump up and jump on, again and again and again! On a couple of occasions she has even had the opportunity to stroke a snake and has absolutely no problems with doing that either! Where is the logic?

Earlier this week the circus was in town and we had the chance to go as a family. In spite of a big thunderstorm overhead, which ordinarily the girls would have hated, they were too interested in the spectacle of the show to even notice and we had lots of fun!

During the interval there was an opportunity to ride one of the elephants, something that is definitely on my bucket list of things to do! Where was Abigail when they announced this? Cowering in the corner? Or on the front of the elephant? ...

Absolutely no hesitation ... and when she got there, the first ride had just gone and so she got to sit right on the front of the second ride, with her friend and LOVED every minute of it as the elephant took a walk around the ring. Apparently, the elephants ears were flapping her feet and that was a little bit annoying! The hardships eh?!

I'm sure in time, Abigail will come to love the smaller, fluffier animals too ... but in the meantime we'll concentrate on the larger scarier ones and enjoy them instead!!

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