Friday, July 27

My Little Cling-On

This week we've had an extra set of hands at home as my mum is visiting from the UK. Our church has also been doing it's week long summer bible school for local kids. It seemed perfect timing to have and be able to put to use our live-in baby-sitter, while Abigail enjoyed VBS and me and Mark got involved in other ways. Naomi on the other hand had a totally different agenda up her sleeve ... one that involved being even more attached to her mummy than ever before!!

Separation anxiety is par for the course when bringing up munchkins and it seems that, according to the babycenter website at least, at 15 months, Naomi is right in that painful window!
'Babies can show signs of separation anxiety as early as 6 or 7 months, but the crisis age for most babies peaks between 10 to 18 months.'
By attempting a couple of nights without her, VBS has now become a whole family outing which is just as fun and my mum has had a chance to see Abigail doing her thing there too. It seems that those first two nights have made Naomi all the more wary and every single time I leave the room at the moment, gets very screechy. Even at night time at the moment, if she wakes up she freaks out a little ... so while it's all been fun, it's also been a long and sleepless week and is likely to take time to settle down!

Like so many stages of parenting ... it is just a stage, if not an incredibly wearing one! My mum commented that it's not fun to have no time off day or night but I guess when you sign up to be a parent you just have to enjoy each and every element of it and enjoy the cuddles while you can get them! I'm sure in a flash, time will pass and I won't be getting quite so many snuggles but I am looking forward to not being permanently attached and getting a chance to see her being more independent just like her big sister has been this week ... loving every minute of VBS!!

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