Friday, October 14

Potty Talk

We all do it ... several times a day ... it's completely natural ... and yet it's a one of those taboo subjects when it comes to conversation. With all rules however, there is always an exception and in my experience for this topic it is usually when talking about or with little people, old people or missionaries!

While it's not unusual to be monitoring the little people's business, over the last 10 years or so that I have done both long and short term mission trips I was surprised at how much 'that kind of thing' has come up in conversation. Even now I'm avoiding referring directly to the subject matter!

From the simple ...
'I have a dodgy stomach, it's probably from something I ate
'I'm in a new and unusual environment and I haven't been for a week
'I'm getting more successful at aiming for that hole in the ground', 
'I nearly dropped my torch down the hole last night
'what are you supposed to do with that shower hose next to the toilet?

... and all number of phrases in between, usually a lot more graphic ... it seems a totally acceptable topic of conversation! (I have a feeling that those of you have been there are now recalling similar conversations you have had and are giggling to yourself!)

Latest potty-time fashion!

I knew that my radar was more alert than average when my daughter came running in from her bedroom saying very enthusiastically 'I've got poo in my book' and I instantly got a sinking feeling in my stomach! I was surprised (and extremely relieved) to look up and find that she was right ... there was indeed a Pooh in her book ... Winnie the Pooh!

At the moment my littlest munchkin seems to think that my time is best spent clearing up poo explosions and I ended up laughing at myself during potty training when text messages to my husband read 'Double whammy potty success ... poo & wee in one hit! She was super excited!'.

One thing I do know though, is that being both a mum and a missionary, my life will continue to be filled with these experiences and conversations for many years to come. So learning to laugh about them seems the only appropriate course of action ... otherwise I may go slightly nutty in the process!

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