Monday, October 10

Mealtime Madness

Is it just my children or is it universal that little people have mealtime radars?! 

Since we had Abigail we have tried to keep a good evening routine for the sanity of us all ... so that mealtimes, bath times and bedtime can happen like clockwork however crazy or tired we are at the end of the day! Now that we've added Naomi into the mix, things have become a little less predictable!

It seems that at whatever point in the cycle of awake or asleep-ness she is ... Naomi always manages to be awake, alert and wanting attention just as the food is being served at the table! Whether she's been asleep for an hour or just 10 minutes, as we're settling down to eat, two little eyes pop open, a frown appears, followed by a smile (thankfully) ... and then Naomi gets progressively more noisy until either my husband or I pick her up so she can join us at the table!

I wouldn't want to miss out either ... in a world where increasingly TV dinners, or eating in shifts has become more and more prevalent, the fact that we are able to have a home-cooked family meal every evening is a real gift and we know it's not necessarily the 'norm' (whatever that is) nowadays.

So in order to enjoy them and make sure the littlest munchkin is also happy ... we have come up with the following options ...

As you can see she enjoys them all but her preference is still the table, so as soon as one of us is finished she always becomes part of the conversation. It won't be long at all until she'll be able to sit comfortably with us in a highchair ... but we do refer to her as 'squiggle butt' as she doesn't sit still for long so who knows how that will go!

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