Friday, September 9


When I lived in Tanzania, another lady who had been living and working out there for years served up homemade ice-cream when I was at her home for dinner. Because of the raw egg and re-freezing elements of ice-cream where we were living, we were advised not to eat it when we were out and about ... so this was a real treat and I was really quick to get the recipe!

It was surprisingly simple ... I'd never thought about making ice-cream before. Another missionary on the other side of town had an ice-cream maker ... so I often visited her and her children and made an afternoon out of the ice-cream making session too ... building community! Shortly after returning to the UK (over 10 years ago!) I bought myself a Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and cookie recipe book ... but as ice-cream was so readily available never made any!

Last summer I found a bargain ice-cream maker ... and remembered all those happy times and thought I'd make some ice-cream memories with my family and maybe try my not-so-new recipe book. All excited to introduce my family to the yumminess ... I then found out I was pregnant which while great news, put a stop to my homemade ice-cream making, after all I wasn't going to make it if I couldn't enjoy it too!!

Finally last month ... I made up the original recipe and remembered back to Tanzania ... and have already experimented with a new recipe or two! When I added it as a Facebook status, several friends asked for the recipe ... so here it is below. The 'secret' ingredient is Angel Delight an instant dessert mix from the UK ... so once again I'm having friends and family bring out a supply for me ... while all flavours work my favourite one is butterscotch!! The other ingredients were basic and so I could get them where I was living quite easily! Enjoy!

Angel Delight Ice-Cream ...
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 packet of Angel Delight

  1. Beat eggs & sugar until fluffy (the lighter they feel the lighter your ice-cream will be!)
  2. Add cream ... beat some more
  3. Add milk & Angel Delight ... beat some more
  4. Freeze or use ice-cream maker (if freezing ... maybe go in every 30 mins for the first couple of hours and mix it a little more!!)

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