Saturday, September 17

Holiday Time

As a missionary family with a much smaller budget, holidays have to be a little more organised nowadays! We put a little money aside each month so that we don't have to find a larger chunk around holiday time ... and we also make the most of any contacts we have!!

This week we have been enjoying a week on Lake Erie which has cost us very little, thanks to the sister of a really good friend! Last year they bought a holiday cottage in Lakeside, a gated community and when they're not here wanted to use it to bless missionary families like us. I hesitate to write 'cottage', as to a Brit like me this large 5 bedroomed house which is about three times the size of our home, is not the picture conjured up in my mind.

Out of season, we have enjoyed some gorgeous weather and some great trips out in the local area, Marblehead Lighthouse, East Harbor State Park, the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky, Put-In-Bay Island to name just a few.

With friends and family visiting multiple times in the two years since we've been living in America ... we've been using our holiday time doing things with them so this is our first real break as a family. Our  second daughter arrived in April, so it's been to enjoy time away as a family of four ... and to be a little bit goofy too!

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