Wednesday, September 28

Life is Precious

The photo below shows a class of girls with all their hopes and dreams in front of them ... they all celebrated their 16th birthday in that academic year. Scary to think that it was taken almost 20 years ago ... and some of those aspirations have become a reality! (Even more scary to admit I was in that class and it's been that long since the photo was taken!)

Yes ... I'm there ... middle row, second from the right!!

I am only really in touch with one of my ex-classmates properly now but follow the news of others on Facebook and from mutual friends. Some of them have gone on to achieve the goals they set for themselves, others have had a complete change of heart, many like me no longer live in the UK and many have families of their own as well. It's strange to think of a class that were together for 5 years and in many cases formed the people who we have become 20 years later ... are now so scattered throughout the world.

One of these girls died tragically not long after we left school, just a couple of years after this photo was taken. She was hit by a police car on an emergency call. Last week I learnt that another one of my ex-classmates died after an 18 month battle with untreatable bowel cancer, still so young. Even when we're in touch with people sporadically ... how much do we really know what's going on in their lives? Who knows what the latest news is for the rest of them.

Hearing sad news of friends who were part of my childhood makes me reflect and appreciate just how blessed I am with our adventure into worldwide mission as a healthy family and all the opportunities that have and will come our way. Some days aren't great ... but life is precious and I hope to make the most of every one while I can.

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