Friday, September 23

More about MAF

Many of you reading this may have never heard of MAF or Mission Aviation Fellowship ... and as that is who my husband and I are working for, I thought I'd share a little with you. 

As the title suggests it all about flying and aircraft ... none of which I have any experience in ... but my husband has a career in aircraft design so we didn't want to waste his skills when we went into mission. When I lived in Dodoma, Tanzania over 10 years ago I worked alongside the MAF families there and even taught some of their children in my class so have been familiar with MAF for some time. The great thing for me as an MAF wife is that I can get involved with as little or as much MAF or other work as I choose which is great when raising a young family as for now I can concentrate on them and when they're a bit older I can work with MAF or in schools, orphanages, other charities where my skills fit ... but there's no pressure either way. I've appreciated this so much already when friends back in the UK haven't had that choice to stay at home for financial or other reasons ... and while the munchkins can be infuriating at times ... I consider myself really lucky to have the opportunity to be the one bringing them up and looking after them all day every day ... and don't want to miss a second!!

So ... MAF is a worldwide Christian organisation operating over 125 light aircraft in more than 30 countries. Around 280 flights every day transport patients, relief teams, medical supplies and Christian workers in the world's remotest regions and places of deepest human need. Places where flying is not a luxury but a lifeline. Amazingly every 3 minutes, an MAF plane is taking off or landing somewhere in the world!!

Normally, passengers contribute a highly-subsidised fare towards the true cost. The balance comes from people concerned that others should have a better life, spiritually and physically. In the UK, MAF is a registered charity funded by voluntary gifts which help finance MAF's operational work and support services.

We started working with MAF in June 2009. Having spent a short time in the summer of 2006 at their base in Nairobi, Kenya we knew we wanted to commit to them long term. As an MAF family the work we are doing is funded completely by individual supporters and churches. One of the things I get up to is keeping in touch with supporters by writing to them, doing our newsletters (or Blurbs) and keeping our Family Blog up to date.

If you would like more information about MAF UK, take a few minutes to check out the following links ...

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