Wednesday, September 21

Shower Power!

Is it just me or is having a shower sometimes one of the best parts of the day?!

My morning shower is a priority and even if the munchkins are still fast asleep, I make sure before my hubby leaves for work I have grabbed that little bit of uninterrupted me time so I can start my day in the right frame of mind! Why crawl out of bed when I could have 5 ... 20 ... 45 mins extra shut-eye? Because I know that should the little people awake, they can't bug me as Daddy will still be here to man the defenses around the bathroom door! That sense of total peace and solitude is few and far between for me once the day has got going as I'm sure all mums (and dads!) can relate to ... so I make the most of my little oasis when I can!

I'm sure I'm not the only mum who loves that 10 minute window of me-time that a shower brings ... most days I get completely lost in my thoughts and totally lose track of time, even if I've said I'm just going to be quick ... so it could be 20 mins or longer before I emerge!! I think about conversations I've had in the last 24 hours, things I need to do, people I need to phone, plans for celebrations etc etc ... and from that my mind wanders ALL over the place and suddenly I don't know where I am! (A waterproof notepad and pen might be useful as once the shower is over, my mind blanks and I can't remember all the ideas and things I just had!)

Sadly each day, my wandering mind clicks back into reality at some point and often my first thought is ... uh oh, how long have I been in here this time? ... and then I take a deep breath, climb out ... and the day of madness begins!!

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