Monday, April 15

Turned Out Nice Again!

When I lived in Dodoma last time round, we used to have an expression 'Turned out nice again'! As whether it rains at any point or is overcast, living in Tanzania you can always guarantee the sun will come out again!

There are three seasons here and they all involve lots of sunshine! The wet season is December - May. The cold dry season is June - August.  Then the final one from September - November is the hot dry season. July is generally the coldest month with averages of 26(79) high and 13(55) low. November/December is life at it's hottest, 31(88) the high and 18(64) the low. I know what you Brits are thinking, the coldest temperatures here are the equivalent of a lovely summer's day there!

Unfortunately for local people here, the 'rainy season' is often very dry. For those earning a living through their crops, it can be devastating and for many, bad rains means little or no food for their family. This year the rains haven't been great.

Last week, even though we are coming to the end of the rainy season, we were treated to regular dumpings of rain all week long ... of course, it turned out nice again after each downpour!

It really is such a treat to have rain here, so refreshing and almost worth celebrating and dancing in (the girls were playing in it with their friends!). It comes down really REALLY heavy, produces chaos on the roads and increases the potholes but unlike when we lived in the States, it does not come with the risk of too much danger in the way of tornado warnings etc. So it is much more enjoyable, from my point of view anyway! That has to be one thing I don't miss one bit about living in Ohio.

Sadly, these rains have been too little too late for many here ... please keep them in your prayers as it won't be so easy in the months ahead for those who rely on good crops.

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  1. Ava is ready to move to Tanzania right now to get away from the tornado warnings! ;)