Friday, April 5

Making Do!

Making do doesn't have to be settling for second best, it can be making the most of whatever situation you find yourself in! Making do isn't all that bad really. Making do ... is the story of our lives right now!

This weekend we will have been here in Tanzania for seven weeks. Seven weeks of settling in. Seven weeks of finding our feet. Seven weeks of waiting for a car and our container. 

We said goodbye to all our belongings about 4 months ago and we know they arrived here in Tanzania only a couple of weeks after us. But African bureaucracy keeps us separated nonetheless. 

Without our belongings, our house still doesn't quite become our home. Without our belongings, it is difficult in this time of transition to properly settle. Without our belongings we feel we're in a state of limbo ... or as I wrote before in 'Holiday Mode'.

We were dealt a blow this week, with the news that our visas and subsequently our container could be held up until Mark gains his in-country licence, something never before required by MAF engineers. Meetings that have followed since, have uncovered the possibility of being granted a 'special pass' in the meantime, which should allow the release of our container from the port. Our fingers, toes and everything else are crossed right now!

It is a time to learn. It is a waiting game. One with lots of prayer from us, family, friends and supporters. A time to learn patience, to make the most of what we have ... to make do! We have been well looked after but with the continued delays we are beginning to search out alternatives instead of just waiting, in an attempt to get better established here as a family.

When we were in the UK, I picked up a few little 'frivolous' bits and pieces, things to brighten up our house here, to enjoy, to make me smile. Simple things like an Ikea spotty tray, a Cath Kidston  apron and tea towel. With all the waiting and borrowing, it's been nice to have these few bits and pieces of my own. They don't feel so frivolous now!

Living in the country that we do here. To have a house and belongings that we can use, even if they are only for an indefinite temporary period, makes us very fortunate. This morning after heavy rains overnight, Maria, our househelp, arrived a little later to work than usual. Her home which has no power or running water and would probably fit into our living room (with room to spare) had flooded.

Sometimes 'making do' for us, is more than others can dream of in a lifetime. With that perspective things are actually very good ... and for however long it will be until we are reunited with our belongings, as a family we will choose to be grateful and satisfied with all that we have. A roof over our heads, money for food, enough things to be comfortable. It is a time to be thankful and know that we're exactly where God wants us to be.

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  1. Well said! Praying the wait will not be much longer for your container to be released. All our "things" though not necessary do give us a sense of belonging and comfort don't they.