Monday, April 29

Out for Chinese

On Saturday night we went out with some friends to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. It doesn't sound all that unusual does it? Or does it?

Living here in Dodoma, almost everything about life is different and often to the extreme. So, it was almost surreal to do something that in the 'real world' would have felt completely normal! I even wore trousers when out in a public place for the first time since we arrived, which felt a little strange too!

Last time I lived here, there was no Chinese restaurant and now there is one (pictured above, arty photo taken by Abigail!) that serves delicious food, so it is definitely one of the bonuses since we returned. I have to pinch myself that it's actually there as I still can't quite believe it exists ... but it does!

The prices are expensive by Dodoma standards but cheap by western ones. It's only the second time we've eaten there but I can see it being something that we treat ourselves to from time-to-time ... and both the munchkins are hooked on their noodles!

It was like stepping into another world for an hour or two. Don't get me wrong, all of the family love living here and don't need a means of escape. It was just ssssoooooo lovely to do something that was familiar to us but also 'out of the ordinary', for round here anyway!

We have always budgeted for a weekly meal out as a family, as a treat and a chance to hang out together somewhere different and try new things. It may not be something you would consider a priority but for us, it has been something fun that we look forward to and have often taken turns in choosing where we should go. Here in Dodoma, there are actually only a couple of options ... but I know what is currently top of the list!

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