Monday, April 22

End of the Baby Stage

Birthday's are special times in family life. Today we celebrate Naomi's second birthday, our first family birthday since we've been living here in Tanzania.

To be honest about a week ago, I was so disorganised about her birthday that I thought I deserved a big 'mummy fail' sticker but it's amazing how things can turnaround!

I guess in my mind I'd always imagined our container being here and unpacked by Naomi's birthday, as on it is all our cake making and decorating stuff, birthday banners and even a couple of presents that we bought in advance ready to give her as not much is available here. It wasn't until last week that I gave up all hope on the container and had to knuckle down and do what all mummy's have to do ... be resourceful to make your favourite little people's day special whatever the circumstances, so they feel completely and utterly loved!

I know she is only two and so won't really remember but we weren't just going to let it pass by completely unnoticed! In the end she had a little get-together with some friends and a family celebration. Both with cakes and a nice little pile of pressies from all over the world too. She actually had more of a birthday celebration than her big sister did when she turned 2 in the end!

It still amazes me that the baby of my family is already two years old. I know you're always warned that the years when your children are little, flash by in the blink of an eye. Realistically two isn't all that old yet either but she is becoming more and more independent, it does surprise me each and every day!

No, I'm not getting broody for another baby to 'replace' this one who is very much her own little person now ... but it will take a while for it to sink in that the baby stage is pretty much over for in our household.  I'm really looking forward to all the next stages, we will get to enjoy now with our two little munchkins.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Naomi ... you are very much loved by family both here and abroad!

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  1. Happy Birthday Naomi! Know you are loved from around the world. Your gift is on the way. Please do not allow the lateness take away from how much you are loved.