Wednesday, March 20

Plughole Dilemma

To clean the plughole or not to clean the plughole? That is the question!!

It may not seem like much of a dilemma to many of you. Cleanliness and hygiene of course is paramount, especially when there are little people in your house ... but lots of things aren't as straight forward as they seem out here!

When I lived here in Dodoma before and my mum visited she very 'helpfully' cleaned the plughole in my shower. Little did she know that all those yucky bits were there for a reason. They actually served a purpose!

Soon after I arrived, I discovered that I wasn't the only person living in my little house! There were lots of other little beings there too! Most of whom I was able to remove but some who insisted on coming back to visit ... via my shower plughole! 

The smaller cockroaches could make their way up the pipes and through the holes and join me mid-shower! The yucky stuff kept them at bay and meant I could shower in peace ... and I love to start my day with a good shower, alone!

Last week, a friend of mine here was surprised to find a small snake in her shower. He had found his way into their bathroom using the same method! Gulp!

So now, maybe you can understand my dilemma, maybe the yucky stuff isn't so bad after all! It may make you think twice before you step into your shower next time too ... or you may just think of us and what we might meet instead!


  1. Don't clean it, Jenny. DON'T clean it. ;)

    1. The Missionary Mum21 March 2013 at 07:35

      He he Kendra! ;o) That made me laugh this morning!