Friday, March 8

Favourite Recipes

One thing that I am (selfishly) really grateful for about this blog, is the fact that I've included some of our favourite recipes. 

Why? Because right now, while all our belongings are sitting in a container somewhere between here and there ... including my recipe books ... I still have access to some of the things we, as a family, enjoy eating the most!

Abigail especially, has been asking if we can get the ingredients to certain things out here in Tanzania and has been really surprised (and excited) when I have told her that we can! 

Already we have enjoyed our chicken pot pie, pasta sauce and speedy chilli. Although note-to-self ... the chilli powder out here is a lot stronger than the chilli powder we've been used to! Yesterday afternoon, all three of us girlies made some flapjack too. I'm not sure which of the three of us were more eager for it to cool down once it was out of the oven before we could chomp away on a piece!!

One thing that we have seen on either on Facebook, Pinterest or both recently, was a spaghetti and hotdog variation that looked quite fun to do, especially with little ones. Basically you poke your spaghetti through pieces of hotdog before they are boiled so that it is threaded through once it is cooked (see below).

Admittedly it was a little time consuming to do all the spaghetti threading but the whole family chipped in and had a lot of fun together doing it. Naomi probably ate more dried spaghetti and hotdog pieces than she actually made but enjoyed herself nonetheless!

Abigail was a bit bemused by the whole process but was certainly wide-eyed when she realised the end result as they were served at the table. We just kept it simple with some pasta sauce and peas and corn ... as it could all be cooked up together in one pot. The novelty of the whole experience put a smile on all our faces though!

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