Saturday, October 27

The Lull before the Storm

These last six months in the States were always going to be slightly crazy! From June onwards, I had a check-list of how things would run ...
  • My mum's visit ... check!
  • Mark completing his hours in the hanger ... check!
  • Weekend in Toronto ... check!
  • Mark passing his exams ... check!
  • Mark's parent's visit ... check!
  • Look-see visit (week in Dodoma, Tanzania)
  • Packing up our lives in Ohio
  • Flying back to the UK

There are only a few more things left to accomplish now. The craziness has seemed to intensify the further down the list we have gone, with the biggest three items saved til last. Although I knew they were all coming eventually, I have spent my time concentrating on each item at hand. 

Now I have no excuses, with less than two months to go before the final flight, I have to attack those final few things, there is no putting them off any longer! The end is most definitely nigh!

Yesterday, after some cooler weather here in Ohio, we enjoyed an Autumn day which was more like a hot summer's day back in the UK. It was in the 80's and so we went for a family stroll in a park we've never been to before ... to take a quick break and enjoy each other's company. 

It was a like a little piece of England. Walking through the trees and the rose gardens, laughing and joking together, made it feel like we were back at home ... away from everything. It made the impending whirlwind seem a million miles away, rather than just around the corner!

I have to admit that there are times, especially when there such huge things imminent, when I wonder what life would be like if we'd chosen a different path.

If we hadn't gone into mission ...
If we weren't moving across continents every few years ...
If we'd stayed in the UK ...
If we were living a comfortable life in the suburbs ...
If we hadn't followed the plan that God worked out for us ...

I always come to the same conclusion. While I don't doubt that we would have made a good go of it, been both comfortable and happy ... I know we would have missed out on all the amazing adventures we're enjoying right now. 

Given a do-over, I honestly wouldn't change any of it ... however stressful it's going to get! There may be times I have to remind myself of that between now and Christmas though!

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