Wednesday, October 3

Self Trained!

This last week my littlest munchkin has shocked and surprised me. Whereas we've spent hours (literally!) training her to sleep ... which by the way is still going perfectly and we're getting to used to uninterrupted nights of sleep on a regular basis, for the first time since she was born! It seems that in other areas of growing up she needs no help whatsoever!

Abigail has always been pretty quick to cotton on to everything, amazingly ... apart from potty training ... which was done and dusted finally at about 3 1/2 years. Naomi already at 17 months has now started (not always) asking to go to the loo. She points to the toilet (doesn't want the froggy potty), we sit her on the padded princess seat and she performs within a matter of seconds literally!

Had it been a one off, I wouldn't have thought much about it but over the last week she must have asked half a dozen times and hasn't disappointed us yet. She has the biggest cheekiest grin on her face and I think I probably have had one of equal size because I'm hoping that this time round potty training will be a lot more straight forward. So far at least, it seems she needs no encouragement, just wanting to be like her big sister!

I have to admit that when embarking on the adventure of parenthood, the single element that I really wasn't looking forward to was potty training. We tried everything with Abigail but she was an extremely tough cookie to crack ... further validating my fear of the whole experience. Naomi as always is doing the complete opposite to her sister, only this time it's working in my favour for once!

Here is a photo, not of Naomi but of Abigail at the same age her sister is now, with the abandoned froggy potty when we first got it. It almost looks like she's asking the question 'Will I or won't I be easy to train?' We know the answer to that now!!!! Why haven't I included a photo of Naomi our prospective total self-trained star? Because the one requirement she appears to have when 'performing', is to be totally naked on the toilet (yes, seriously!!) ... so I didn't think it was appropriate to include a photo of that! Only time will tell if this will be an ongoing habit for Naomi but while it lasts, I'm not going to complain!

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