Wednesday, October 17

All Snuggly

I love this time of year. The days are still warm and sunny but the nights are a lot cooler and the mornings are crisp and fresh. Definitely indicating the shift between Summer, Autumn and Winter.

This week I've swapped over our lighter bedding for the thicker, more snuggly stuff and now it feels even nicer to curl up in bed at the end of a long munchkin filled day. Admittedly when you're warm and snug, curled up under thick layers of duvets and quilts, it does make getting up in the morning (or in the night when the munchkins are a-calling), that much harder.

Abigail and Naomi took great joy in curling up together in Abigail's bed with the thicker duvet on in the middle of the day, when I first changed them over.  This morning she didn't even want to get out of bed because it was 'too snuggly'. Most days, Abigail jumps out of bed declaring 'it's morning time', today she just called it out from under the covers!!!

I have always thought I sleep better, the more snuggly the bed and the covers, just because it feels so much more cosy. Mark is the same way. This winter however will probably be one of the last times we need extra thick layers for a while, so we had better make the most of each night's sleep. Once we get to Tanzania, the climate will be a lot warmer and while there will be cooler times in the year when we'll need a few more layers at night ... it won't be anything like we've been used to during the winters out here in Ohio. 

While I don't view this as a particular 'sacrifice', I know there will be times when it will definitely be something that I will miss while we live in Tanzania. It's funny that there can be such little familiar things that we take for granted while we have them but then totally miss when we don't. I guess these can often be the things that make us feel homesick on a bad day or just things that we appreciate more when we're on home leave ... but don't make any sense whatsoever to anyone else!

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