Thursday, August 16

Soccer Mom Syndrome

Today I was really proud of Abigail ... she completed and passed her Level 2 swimming class, having done Level 1 earlier in the summer. Katie, her teacher is one of her favourite people right now and we couldn't have wished for a better person to work with her in the pool!

Abigail has absolutely loved being in the water and her confidence and ability has improved by leaps and bounds. She told me today, 'Swimming is my favourite thing', when I asked her which part, she replied 'All of it'!!!! Mark was there for the first lesson of Level 1 and the last lesson of Level 2 and was really surprised at just how much she has progressed. 

While she has been busy with Katie, I have had a chance to get Naomi much more used to the fun of being at the pool. At the beginning she wasn't even a fan of sitting on the edge and now she quite happily hangs out in the deep water, splashing around and being as silly as the rest of us!

I wouldn't have changed all the trips to the pool for anything this summer as we've had lots of fun, whether it's been just us three girlies or with Nana or Mark coming with us. There have however been days when I've wished that  we didn't have to pack up all the swimming gear, snacks, toys etc again and then drive to the next town for the lessons.

I guess, although a bit prematurely, I've had a little taster of what being a 'soccer mom' would be like. Traipsing from one kids commitment to another, playdates, sports practices, music lessons ... the list goes on. While, I'm not likely to get the true soccer mom experience, as where we're moving to there is unlikely to be too many options of things available, I was able to get a very small glimpse this summer!

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  1. well done abigail, mummy needs to find a large folder for your certificate as I think there will be many more to join it? Gramps