Wednesday, August 22

New Friends

Last weekend we enjoyed a short family break to visit some good friends in Toronto, Canada. Both families grew by one member last spring, Naomi and Grace are just over a month apart in age and we were able to meet and introduce the newest additions, as well as catch up on everything else.

It's interesting to watch 'little people' and see the similarities and differences. Over the weekend we saw that one of them was a better walker, the other a better talker ... but those things will even themselves out over the next few months and next time we meet we'll probably notice personality rather than ability differences. Isn't it amazing how each one of us is a totally different person, right from day one?!

Naomi fell asleep within minutes of leaving their house, as we started the long journey home, on Sunday morning and Abigail was quick to make a diagnosis as to why. According to her, Naomi was asleep because she was sad ... 'Cos she had to say good bye to her new friend'. It never ceases to amaze me just how sweet and sensitive she can be and how more and more, as she gets older, the world doesn't have to totally revolve around her but she is aware that other people have feelings too.

Abigail has been talking lots about new friends recently. Both to refer to new people we have met here in the States but also to those we're going to meet in 'Africa'. We've just been trying to drop it into conversation bit by bit so that she can be as prepared as possible ... on the road to our transition that we've already started. She's really excited to see her new school in Tanzania and to meet her new friends but I was just really touched that she also realised her little sister would need friends too ... something that as she's so much younger her parents may have overlooked slightly! Oops!

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