Wednesday, August 8

Colouring Fun

Yesterday afternoon, I was setting Abigail up with her crafty bits and pieces on the table for some creative fun when a little face looked up at me longingly. It occurred to me that without realising it, Naomi is growing up fast and could probably be set up at the table herself! 

So as soon as Abigail was settled I got some paper and crayons out for Naomi too, who has done the odd bit of scribbling before but I've never given her this kind of opportunity. What followed was lots of giggles and excitement from a very happy little girl! Each time she coloured she kept wiggling and giggling ... just like when she's dancing, which was hilarious.

Both girls enjoyed smiling at each other across the table, while they were 'busy', working hard at their creations. I remember when Abigail was about the same age, she would colour and colour the same piece of paper over and over so it was full of scribbles of all different colours. Naomi on the other hand seems to currently prefer a more minimalist approach ... just two or three colours before asking for a new sheet of paper!! It's fun to notice differences so early on!

We have a pile of printed paper from the hangar that was just going to be thrown away which the girls use the back of, so Naomi was welcome to be as picky as she wanted to be! It's been a great way of saving money and recycling too. It definitely works for us, especially now Naomi is beginning her artistic career!! In time, I'll pick a few of the best 'pieces of artwork' and scan them, so we can keep some of her first creations without having to carry lots of extra stuff when we pack up and move from the States.

It was a slightly strange feeling seeing both my girls at the table enjoying the chance to get creative. Suddenly Naomi seemed so grown up and no longer like a baby! I know that it is inevitable but it was one of those realisation moments that my girlies are growing up fast! I was especially pleased that on only one occasion, over the space of about 20 minutes, did she attempt to eat her crayon though as that had been my one concern. As it went so well, I'm guessing it will become a much more common occurrence in our household from now on!

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