Saturday, August 27

Inspiration and Passion!

Why on earth have I set myself the task of maintaining 2 blogs? (As I'm the voice behind most of our family blog too!!) 
Flicking through a weekend paper is a luxury to me ... but I found an article a couple of weeks ago on a book which caught my attention! It's called 'The Digital Mom Handbook' ... 

... and although it's more about finding a dream career at home as a 'Mom' (while talking about an American book, I'll use the American spelling!) through the blogosphere, it talks about finding your passion and starting to blog from there! While our family blog is great for relatives, friends and supporters around the world ... it's more about family updates than my musings! 

So, while I don't aspire to earn a living from this blog as Audrey McClelland ( and Colleen Padilla ( have written about ... they have inspired me to embrace my passion which is both being a missionary and a mum and to begin blogging about it! Thank you ladies!!

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