Tuesday, August 30

A bit more than I bargained for!!

With a couple of years in Tanzania under my belt 1999-2001 and then 4 months travelling round Australia and New Zealand ... I knew that there were some more adventures out there for me, I just had to get prepared for them!

I worked with newly arrived asylum-seekers in south London for a few years while saving up for some more studies ... another example of God's sense of humour as after my degree I'd promised myself never to study again!! In 2005, I started a 2 year diploma in Biblical & Intercultural Studies at All Nations Christian College where both staff and students are international, with a wealth of worldwide mission experiences.

The setting was gorgeous ... the study was hardcore ... and the other students have become lifelong friends! At All Nations the preparation is all encompassing ... head, hearts and hands ... not just studying the Bible ... and there are courses from 10 weeks to three years at all different levels. It certainly opened my eyes to so much and helped me view all things a little differently.

I also found it quite amusing how so many people found their husbands or wives amongst their fellow students while studying at All Nations! It makes sense that when you put like-minded, mission-focused people together that this would happen ... after all my best friends parents did exactly that over 35 years ago! I, however hadn't even entertained the possibility ... I'd given up the 'boy' thing to focus on preparing for my next adventure! So, sure enough (you've guessed it!) I met the man of my dreams and we got married during the christmas break of our second year of study, December 16th 2006 ... definitely an added bonus I hadn't been counting on!! What was even more amusing was that with students from all over the world, I met someone from my home town!

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