Friday, September 20

Living in the Dark Ages

In a world of technology, smart phones, ipads and ebooks ... At a time when I'm writing two blogs, managing two Facebook pages, updating one website with the possibility of helping with another ... I have a confession to make.

'Real' books, the ones where you have to physically turn the pages and are not back-lit ... notebooks, where you write with a pen or a pencil onto paper ... calendars and diaries that don't require you to key in your entries ... are all my biggest weakness. What can I say? I'm living in the dark ages and I don't care!

In some ways out here in Tanzania, not needing to be reliant on electricity, internet or a phone network for all that stuff is a definite bonus because none of them are reliable at all and are regularly on and off ... on and off, on and off!!

While I may own a smart phone, I also own a Filofax and use both. Although I have to admit the latter has been collecting dust over the last few months while life has been settling down. This week I finally cracked it open again to get myself back on track.

For the first time since we got here ... since the container arrived ... since Abigail started in Standard One ... since Naomi's molars settled down ... we are finally getting into our groove and I'm getting organised, the way I like it, the pen and paper way!!

I love the fact that technology and the internet help us keep in touch with the 'outside' world, especially living where we do. But I have never and will never switch to the 'dark side' and ditch the non-technological stuff completely! Give me a stationary shop anywhere and I can always find something to buy ... even here in Dodoma!

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  1. Oh I do so agree! I went to Canterbury on Thursday morning - I could have spent the whole day just in Waterstones bookshop (which had a slightly old-fashioned feel to it)- or in C&H Fabrics (lots of wools and fabrics and crafty stuff) - or a stationers (don't you just love all those delicious papers and pencils).