Monday, September 16

How You've Grown!

Whenever you meet up with little people that you haven't seen for a while, it is always a surprise as to how much they have grown. I remember as a little person myself rolling my eyes and groaning to all the comments about how big/grown up/like a little lady I was becoming. Now as an adult I find myself both saying all those things ... and hearing others saying them about my girls too!

Last week we said goodbye to my mum who was our first overseas visitor since we moved to Dodoma. As we have always lived so far from the grandparents ever since the girls were born, it is normal for them to be surprised by all the little things that the girls have been able to do that they couldn't do the last time we spent time together.

One thing that was really obvious this time was Naomi's vocabulary. Yes, she's a chatterbox! She comes out with all kinds of things that surprise us ... and often uses words like 'humongous'!! She doesn't always get things right but makes us chuckle in her attempts, much like her big sister used to

I've noticed some parents correct the mistakes of their little people but I'm of the opinion that it will all 'come out in the wash', so I just make the most of every little variation she uses while it lasts!

Here are just a few of them (some of which are already phased out!) ...
  • bing-ing-arh - beginning
  • jump-in-in - jumping
  • I can see it with my ears - I can hear it
  • doog job - good job
  • all night my bed - I spent all night in my bed
  • la lou - love you
  • log-urt - yoghurt (not to be confused with ...)
  • lock-lut - chocolate
  • abi-gay-lul - Abigail
  • tiger - lion
  • beck-wiff - weetabix or breakfast
  • melp - milk
  • belly bottom - belly button
  • plops - flip-flops
  • lucky - yucky
  • der-luke - drink
  • wait out me - don't go without me
My personal favourite just now is 'nopes' when she wants to say 'no'. Seriously though, while it is mostly cute, there are times when I wonder if she will ever stop talking!

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