Friday, July 26

The Next Step

These last few weeks have been crazy busy ... can you even say that?!!

It's the school holidays, our container just arrived and I've been taking on a few extra roles while other MAF staff are home for various reasons. As my six months curfew or promise to my family is just about to expire, I find it hard how I can fit anything else into my time but I have already agreed to quite a big project recently too! (More details of that another time!)

Being able to finally unpack all our stuff and being super busy, really does make it feel like we've finally arrived and are settled. Just this morning I was at a friends house, catching up over a cup of tea while the kids all played together ... definitely not the actions of a newbie but of someone who is much more established!

I've mentioned 'transition' before and I know that the first six months anywhere are often the biggest hurdle to overcome but that it takes the first two years for somewhere to really become home. So, although we're getting there, as a family we still have a way to go!

During the unpacking I found some notes from one of my classes at All Nations. While I'm not someone to write poetry (like ever!), part of one assignment was to write a reflective poem on transition. Probably one of the only poems I've ever written since leaving school almost 20 years ago! 

Even now, after several more big moves across the world, I think it reflects well a lot of the details and emotions that are involved, some which are glaringly obvious and others not so much ... 

The Next Step

The plan, the excitement,
The next step and beyond.

Those final and those not for long.
Lives that continue,
But which you won't be a part.

New places, new faces.
Right decision, wrong decision.
Too late now!

Who am I? What do I do?
Where am I meant to be?
Information overload, people and facts,
Exhaustion threatens to overcome,
But push on through.

Making a friend, making mistakes,
Taking a risk,
Fascinated by all that's new,
But sometimes alone, longing for the familiar.

In time, knowing the faces and playing your role,
A routine and a purpose to fulfil.
Home again, yet in a different place,
Looking toward the next step.


  1. I love following your blog Jenny, keep it going :)! Greetings from Thea!

    1. The Missionary Mum27 July 2013 at 11:15

      Thank you Thea! Hope you're doing well! ;)