Wednesday, July 10


The observant among you will noticed I missed a post on Monday!

My excuse? ... I completely forgot!! My reason? ... Our container finally arrived totally out of the blue on Sunday morning and I have been working like a machine ever since trying to sort through it all and finally get our house looking like a home!

All the emotions I had anticipated on the arrival of the container were completely blown out the window by the sheer surprise of hearing a truck and voices at 8am on a Sunday morning while the whole family were sitting around in their pyjamas!!! It arrived with absolutely no warning whatsoever that it had even left Dar Es Salaam. Believe me it was the best surprise to wake up to though!

So in lieu of a proper post I will send you via a link to a friends blog that I recently had the opportunity to do a guest post on at The Meaning of Go. (Eluned was the first Missionary Mum to do a guest post for me!)

I make absolutely no apologies if you don't hear from me again until next week ... it's just way too exciting opening all these boxes!!!

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