Monday, June 24

All Grown Up

Many teachers have the privilege of catching up with past students. They will often go on to teach their siblings or will just see them around ... maybe bump into them at the supermarket or at the local park on a sunny day.

It was certainly something I never imagined was going to be possible for me having done my only teaching, for two years out here in Dodoma. Being back however has changed all that and I have had the opportunity to surprise some of my 'little' kiddies ... who are now all grown up but amazingly still remember me!

Yesterday we were at the school for a farewell to the outgoing Principal and her family. They are from New Zealand and have served here for just over six years. It was another time of memories for me, being part of an event at CAMS (Canon Andrea Mwaka School) ... and I have to admit to feeling quite sentimental.

There was a time of mingling after the main event and who did I manage to catch up with but some former students! ...

They had both been in Standard 7 when I last saw them about 13 years ago. I had taught them French and been on camp with them. They hadn't even started secondary school ... and now look at them, all grown up!

Victoria has just finished her first degree in Gloucestershire in the UK and is now heading off to Paris to do a Masters at the International Fashion Academy. Faizan continued his studies in Dar Es Salaam and then returned to Dodoma and went into business with his uncle. 

It was so great to see how they had both achieved so much in a relatively short period of time, building on their initial education at CAMS. It made me feel proud that I had played a part (albeit very small!) in their lives a long time ago and will now get to be a part of them in a small way  once again. It is definitely one of the perks of returning here to live in Dodoma for a second time!

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