Friday, May 24

Watch this Space

This week things haven't been going quite to plan.

One of the things we knew to be prepared for when we signed up to this kind of life was flexibility. Whether it be to the culture, the lifestyle, the climate ... or the sicknesses.

Both me and Abigail have succumbed this week to a little something nasty ... although in much milder doses than some of our friends here. So things have had to change a little to compensate. Missing blog posts, unanswered emails, to name just two.

Before it all hit though, I was working on something new. I am not all that clued in with technical blog type stuff. Yes really, I know some of you think I know what I'm talking about but I only know the basics and writing bits, not the design stuff!

So, I plan to take a few weeks break from writing in order to use the time in tweaking a new look for The Missionary Mum blog. Here's a sneak peek ...

It's something I've wanted to do for a while and I figure that when our container eventually arrives in Dodoma, spare time will be few and far between! So 'Watch This Space' and take a last look at the old style blog as it won't be round for much longer!

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  1. Love it. Really hope you are both feeling better soon. Miss you xxx