Wednesday, May 15

All Things Pink and Sparkly

In a tone of complete and utter desperation last week, Abigail said 'I want the whole world to be pink and purple and sparkly ... oh and chocolate!' Life through the eyes of a four and a half year old! If only things were that simple!

I have never been much of a girly girl. It wasn't until Abigail was born that suddenly there was a pink explosion in our home, literally overnight! Naomi's arrival just consolidated the pinkness and my wonderful husband will forevermore be surrounded! (In fact Abigail has even been known to pick out a shirt for him which has a hint of pink in it ... and a lot of blue too, he will be quick to add!)

Along with the pink, has also come lots of purple (which actually I love, so don't mind at all!) and anything sparkly. Thanks to Rapunzel, golden will often be cited as a favourite too!

Last Saturday we went for a wander in town around some of the shopping streets ... especially One-Way Street, the only pedestrian one. We often drive into town for specific things, usually food and come straight out again but this time we wanted to take in the atmosphere and just get more of a feel for Dodoma.

There are people everywhere, lots of noise, smells and colours. Materials hanging up, second hand clothes and shoes, hung up and laid out, plastics and pots stacked high, fundi's sat at their sewing machines making clothes, men pulling carts stacked with all kinds of things from foam mattresses to rubbish. It was great for me as it brought back lots of memories from when I lived here before and it gave the rest of the family a chance to see life outside of our little compound.

Neither of the girls were bothered by the interest in us. Both of them were just as fascinated in everything that was going on, as the people around us were interested in seeing the four of us walking along together. 

We had lots of silly prices quoted to us for various items we showed an interested in but once they realised I spoke the language a bit and wasn't going to be taken for a complete ride we easily got them down ... at least a few thousand shillings anyway!

Abigail was definitely seeing the world through pink coloured glasses that day. As everything she found was pink. She saw pink buckets, pink material, a man riding a pink bicycle and even the ketchup we had when we stopped for some lunch was pink!!! It is safe to say Abigail loves Dodoma right now. 

Here a few things we picked up, although the shoes have been assigned to the dress-up pile only!

Some would say that the pink and sparkly thing has come from one of the girls aunties but to be fair we've never lived close enough or been able to spend extensive amounts of time together for that to be the case, as we've been overseas since Abigail turned one. It is obviously just in the genes ... and has given me the chance to be a bit more girly as well now too!

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