Thursday, December 6


Apart from a little nursery/playschool I went to when I was very little, I attended the same school from age 5 all the way through until I was 18 years old. While the classes grew in number there was always the same core of us that went all the way through ... and a lot of us are still in touch, albeit in many cases only on Facebook.

So it seems a little strange to me when taking a picture of Abigail and her class earlier on this week that she will unlikely ever see or be in touch with most of them again given that we will soon be halfway across the world.

Abigail has had the best start to her school career. She has absolutely loved every minute of it at the Early Advantage Pre-School here in Coshocton, Ohio. She is now 'chomping at the bit' to start at her new school in Tanzania too, where her name is already on the sticker chart awaiting her arrival! In fact during our recent visit Abigail was even a bit annoyed with us that she couldn't start straight away!! Who knows how long she will be at this next school though ... at least four years, maybe more? It all depends.

Although Abigail's school experience is going to be totally poles apart from mine (it is already), I'm so glad the early stages have been such an excitement to her. She confidently bounds in every day and is full of stories about what she has been up to and the new friends she has made. I hope that her little sister will follow in her footsteps in that respect when she starts school in 2014 ... yes she is already enrolled this far in advance! With all the moving around we'll be doing as a missionary family, for them both to feel settled at school will be really important for us.

In the meantime, Abigail is enjoying her last few weeks with her classmates at her 'first school' before she will say goodbye to these, her first school friends.

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