Friday, September 14

Stingy or Sensible?

Yesterday was Abigail's fourth birthday. We had lots of fun celebrating as a family (it was an extra treat that with Mark revising for exams he could spend a lot of it with us all too!) and tomorrow morning it's party-time with a small Abigail-picked selection of her friends!

I have no idea what birthday etiquette is back in the UK but it seems that here ... or in Abigail's pre-school at least, for the most part kids bring in some sort of goody bag, one for each classmate! In my mind that is a little excessive, and so was grateful that with Abigail's birthday being quite near the beginning of the school year, no lofty expectations have yet been put in place (and we've set the bar very low for those following!)

Instead, I spent some time with Abigail, making and decorating, chocolate covered bake-pops, with blue sprinkles for boys and pink for girls (her choice!). You probably can't tell from the photo but they were really sparkly and about the size of Naomi's fist, so perfect for a snack! 

They were relatively cheap and definitely fun to make. Abigail took them into school and each child in her class got to take one home with them ... even Abigail got one herself and her verdict was that they were 'yummy'! Surely that is the most important opinion, after all it was her birthday. When I dropped Abigail and the bake-pops off in the morning her teacher was really surprised when we said we'd made them the day before ... it seems that going the homemade route is becoming less common!

So my question is, was I really stingy or did I do the sensible thing? On a limited budget and counting the fun-factor and the deliciousness I think so! It did cross my mind though that if any of the other parents had a problem with it (not that they would have), it didn't really matter, as we'll be gone in a couple of months anyway! We won't have to be drawn into any oneupmanship that might ensue with goody bags later on in the school year and may even be a family tradition that we continue in the years to come!

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