Monday, September 17

From One Extreme to Another

Yesterday I was going through some photographs from earlier on in the year. Some of the mealtime shots of Naomi just made me laugh so much ... and want to gag too! 

Around May time, she was all about pasting her food all over her face, up her arms, through her hair and all over her tray-table! Believe it or not, some of it would actually go into her mouth as well! In Naomi's defence, she had only just celebrated her first birthday!

The phrase 'She enjoys her food', could certainly have applied to her, just not in the way we would normally use it. Having her face and hands wiped was the most traumatic experience in the world as well ... making the clean-up process 'interesting' to say the least!

It's funny the difference a couple of months can make. Now if there is just a splodge of food on her mat or hand, she gets most disgruntled and points to the wipes and won't continue to eat until she's all clean! Really! And she gives lots of hearty chuckles as you clean her face and hands at the end of a meal too, if she hasn't already done it herself. Naomi has most definitely gone from one extreme to the other in such a short space of time!

Recently we've been noticing just how much of a little girl Naomi is, rather than being a baby anymore in so many aspects. For some reason, although I expected Abigail to grow up and become her own little person, it seems to have crept up and surprised me with Naomi! She certainly is a goofball but lots of fun with it ... there are always lots of giggles coming from her direction which is music to my ears!

The baby years certainly do go as fast as everyone warns you they will and while they have been harder work second time round, I've enjoyed watching both of their little personalities develop. I love observing what the next thing is that they grasp, understand and are able to achieve, all the little milestones ... even if they are often of the messy variety!

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