Thursday, November 10

A Heavenly Party

Yesterday family and friends got together to celebrate the life of my Nan ... 
Florence Rose Morris (3rd December 1922 - 28th October 2011)

We had two services of thanksgiving and many people, at both of those and in cards and messages since she died, have talked of what a wonderful lady and friend she was and how she had touched their lives. Many of these stories were new to us and we got to see and understand yet another side of what an amazing woman she was.

Although sad, as we will all miss Nan so much, yesterday was a time of happiness too, knowing that she is exactly where she wanted to be, with her Lord and Saviour. I told Abigail that Grammie was dancing and singing and having a party with Jesus. Abigail's response was that she wanted to go to the party too!

When we were sorting through some of Nan's things last week we found a very non-descript notebook with  some poems she had written. One was called 'My Testimony' and I had the privilege of reading it out at one of the services yesterday, ensuring that she had her say, right to the end ... very like her.

My Testimony by 'Ren' Morris

When I was young I knew you
I worshipped & adored
I longed to sing your praises
I loved you as my Lord

So many times I cried & said 
Why did they do it Lord? 
But there you hung - the price you paid 
I read it in your word

Then suddenly it all went wrong, 
I saw the shining lights 
Out there was life for living. 
For the good times I would long.

How sad to see the child He made 
Turn her back on Him 
To forget that form upon a cross 
And forget her heavenly King.

So many troubles, so many woes, 
Came crowding in on me, 
I knew something had to change 
But blind - I could not see.

One day a ray of light 
Shone through a cloudy sky 
As though a voice from heaven said 
“You left my side - Why?”

“Dear Lord” I said “Forgive me” 
My life has been a mess, 
Why did I try it my way 
But you loved me none the less.

I’m giving you my life back Lord 
Do with it as you will. 
I want to love & serve you Lord 
Of you I want my fill.

Now I know the shame I felt 
Without you I was lost, 
And you forgave & gave me life 
You didn’t count the cost.

Oh how I love you Jesus, 
You’re everything to me, 
You took my sins & willingly 
Hung upon that tree.

How I long for that day to come 
When from this life I flee 
And I will see you face to face 
And say “Thank you Lord” - from me.

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