Tuesday, November 1

A Taste of Home

I'm sitting on the sofa at my mum's house tucking into some milk chocolate digestive biscuits ... delicious!! If you're not a Brit, you may not even know what I'm talking about. These, as with many other things would perhaps not be on my shopping list ordinarily but knowing that if I don't eat them in the next few weeks, it will be another year until I can have them again makes them extra special!!

We've spent two years in the States and both years when we have returned to the UK to renew our visas, our first 'meal' has been a bacon sandwich ... real bacon that is 80% meat not 80% fat like the streaky stuff in America!

We've also have a little mental wish list of things that we want to eat while we're home ... anything from real cheese (not the plastic rubbery textured stuff in Walmart!), to fish fingers, to Chinese takeaway and much more!! (Where we live in the States the local Chinese Buffet consists of some Chinese food but also macaroni and cheese, pizza, frogs legs ... seems crazy to us!)

Last year when we were home, we had a week's break down in Cornwall and enjoyed Cornish pasty's and cream tea's ... more than once. As we're only at the start of our time in the UK we still have a lot more yumminess to come this year!

When we'd been back for 24 hours we took a trip to the supermarket ... a real treat to see familiar products and packets on the shelves. Although this time round there was an element of culture shock. 

The supermarket was completely jam-packed and a nightmare to negotiate ... something we're not used to anymore in small town America ... and both my husband and I looked at each other feeling totally overwhelmed which made us appreciate how much we've acclimatised to our new 'home' surroundings.

The longer we live somewhere new, the longer the local food become the 'norm' ... the more things we have to miss (and ask for in care packages) the next time we move to a different country!

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  1. So I totally thought of you when I went to a new supermarket near us here in California. It's called Fresh and Easy. When I went there, it felt like a British Supermarket, I come home to find out they're owned by Tesco's. Anyway... they've got weetabix and... "British Bacon"!! You'll have to keep an eye out for a store near you!