Sunday, November 10

What DO you do?

Recently I have been asked several times what exactly I do out here in Tanzania. We're with MAF. Mark fixes the planes. So how do I spend my time?

I have been asked via email by people we don't know but who follow our news. I have been asked by friends that I used to hang out with while we lived in the States. I was even asked by new friends out here who don't live on our side of town. 

I think the assumption is that I don't do very much ... maybe just shop for food, cook it and look after the kids. I don't even have to clean as we have a Mama who comes in to do that. One lady here in Dodoma asked me if I was bored or lonely living on a compound with only one other family. Yeah right!!

I used to think much the same when I lived here before, that the MAF wives were 'busy doing nothing'! Just this last week I've had several different people asking me to do things for them and while I always try to help out, I've had to say no ... I just don't have the time at the moment!

I've shared before what I get up to out here for MAF and within the family in general terms. But I thought it would be interesting just to list what I have been doing, both for myself and for those of you who were wondering, what exactly it is that I do do out here! None of it is mind-blowing, none of it is particularly difficult, none of it is that different to what any other mum out here (or back home for that matter!) would do in a normal week ... it is just the nitty gritty of my life!

So here goes, just some of the things I have got up to over the last 8 days ...
  • Shopping trip to the market
  • Written a couple of cards to friends
  • Played jigsaws and board games with the kids
  • Watched a couple of movies and a few episodes of different TV series on DVD
  • Went to church
  • Did hospitality 4 times, twice because we had to for MAF and twice because we chose to
  • Went swimming twice (once on my own, once with the family)
  • Spent a couple of hours at the school taking photos and started editing them
  • Shopping to some of the duka's
  • Compiling the MAF Tz programme weekly news bulletin
  • Kept up to date with emails (ish!)
  • Had a Skype call/meeting with the current MMS Apprentice Wives group
  • Did four lots of exercise
  • Taught Naomi to play snap
  • 5 loads of washing
  • Fell asleep reading my book every night!!
  • Wrote the agenda for a meeting, took notes in the meeting (which took place in the compound of a local mosque), wrote up the minutes
  • Went out for lunch once
  • Did the school run on the MAF bus three times
  • Tried a couple of new recipes
  • Listened to Abigail doing her daily reading for school
  • Updated 2 different Facebook pages
  • Arranged and supervised a couple of playdates
  • Baked for and co-hosted a staff prayer meeting at our house
  • Caught up with some friends
  • Updated three pages on the school website
  • Went to a Bible Study
  • Had one afternoon siesta
  • Learnt some new Swahili words
  • Arranged a couple of meetings for over the next few weeks
  • Started our online Christmas shopping

You might be under the impression that life is very different out here as a missionary but so much of it is just 'normal' everyday, mum stuff (just in a different setting, climate and sometimes a different language!) ... sorry if I have shattered any illusions you might have but this is a snapshot of the reality!!

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